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Security experts say Ukraine's request to shut down Russian domains could hurt civilians

by Tonya Riley

The request to ICANN would have the effect of making Russian emails and websites unreachable from the outside and make it harder for Russians to reach the outside internet.

No cyberattack in sprawling internet outage, Akamai says

by Tim Starks

Problems with Akamai Edge DNS were behind the outage.

Meet ODoH, where privacy means just not knowing anything

by Tim Starks

It's part of a trio of privacy-minded initiatives that Cloudflare is touting.

‘Cyber Storm’ drill for critical infrastructure focuses on corruption of key IT services

by Sean Lyngaas

It is the subtle manipulation of these IT services that advanced hacking campaigns often exploit in the real world.

CISA issues emergency order requiring agencies to patch critical Windows bug

by Sean Lyngaas

The order gives federal civilian agencies roughly 24 hours to act.

Microsoft issues patch for wormable Windows DNS Server flaw

by Shannon Vavra

Microsoft is issuing a patch for a severe Windows DNS vulnerability that could allow attackers to gain control of targets' entire IT infrastructure.