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How Oak Ridge National Lab DevSecOps team mobilized amid pandemic

by CyberScoop Staff

Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s chief information security officer shares steps the research institute took to ensure security and integrity of its data.

GAO: Cyber Command is overspending on data tools

by Shannon Vavra

The project is going to cost five times more than what military officials originally estimated.

Securiosity: Is Julian Assange really a hacker?

by Jeff Stone

Greg & Jen debate what the charges against Julian Assange really mean, a new plan to get people into the infosec workforce and a whole new spin on the word “cyberspace."

Seamless security: the rallying cry of Amazon Web Services

by Greg Otto

Just like everything else with its thriving empire, Amazon Web Services and its partners are making serious efforts to make security as easy as possible as ever more enterprises turn to the cloud.