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Taiwanese government sites hit with DDoS attacks ahead of Pelosi's visit

by AJ Vicens

One attack appears to have shut down the president of Taiwan's website Tuesday before Nancy Pelosi's historic visit.

Pro-Russian cybercriminals briefly DDoS Congress.gov

by AJ Vicens

KillNet, the group that claimed responsibility, has launched a series of attacks around the world on perceived enemies of Russia.

Research questions potentially dangerous implications of Ukraine's IT Army

by AJ Vicens

Volunteer hacking efforts could unwittingly pull countries or private companies into a murky geopolitical mess, a researcher says.

FBI seizes domains tied to stolen records, DDoS services

by Tonya Riley

U.S. authorities took down a related site in 2020.

Denial-of-service disrupts Finnish government sites during Zelenskyy speech

by Tim Starks

The incident also coincided with Finland openly weighing NATO membership and the Finns saying a Russian aircraft violated their airspace.

US telecommunications company likely targeted by Russian hackers shares details of Feb. 24 attack

by AJ Vicens

New details suggest the incident was less complicated than initially thought, even as attacks continue.