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GAO: Cyber Command is overspending on data tools

by Shannon Vavra

The project is going to cost five times more than what military officials originally estimated.

Trump administration wants larger role in shaping international data laws

by Chris Bing

White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Rob Joyce says laws being put in place are leading to a "Balkanization" of the internet.

Kaspersky Lab was blocked from joining this U.S.-based cyberthreat information sharing group

by Chris Bing

The Cyber Threat Alliance denied Kaspersky entry into the group due to the group's president, former cybersecurity coordinator Michael Daniel, weighing on information he was privy to during his time in the Obama administration.

Trump executive order threatens major EU-U.S. data privacy agreement, activists say

by Chris Bing

An executive order signed by President Donald Trump, Wednesday, curtails data privacy protections that were extended to foreigners during the Obama administration. Former U.S. President Barack Obama signed the Judicial Redress Act into law last year, effectively expanding the scope of the Privacy Act of 1974 — which governs the use, collection, maintenance and dissemination of personally identifiable information stored by the federal agencies.