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Twitter couldn't detect foreign agents on its own, whistleblower testifies

by Tonya Riley

Whistleblower Peiter "Mudge" Zatko said that "if you're not placing foreign agents into Twitter … you're most likely not doing your job."

Twitter breach exposes anonymous accounts to nation state hackers

by Tonya Riley

Twitter confirmed Friday that a bad actor used a vulnerability to match private information with potentially anonymous Twitter accounts.

Federal courts left Americans' data exposed, senator tells Supreme Court chief justice

by Tonya Riley

Sen. Ron Wyden said privacy rules aren't being followed, putting thousands of Americans at risk of having their most sensitive data exposed.

US, UK law enforcement to implement data sharing law, troubling privacy advocates

by Suzanne Smalley

Other countries seeking data sharing agreements similar to the one with the U.K. include Turkey, Japan, India and most of Europe.

Lawmakers want to restrict user data sales to nations like China, Russia

by Tonya Riley

The bill tasks the Department of Commerce with creating new export rules.

Congress reaches compromise on draft privacy legislation

by Tonya Riley

The newly proposed federal privacy framework comes with protections for biometric data and against discrimination.