Tags Data protection

White House announces new surveillance guardrails to meet EU Privacy Shield expectations

by Tonya Riley

A new executive order directs the Attorney General to establish a Data Protection Review Court.

Norway fines Grindr for $7.3 million over privacy breach

by Tonya Riley

Grindr disputes the agency's findings.

Facebook settles facial recognition lawsuit for $550 million

by Jeff Stone

Members of the suit each can claim up to $200.

New York updates its breach notification law in response to Equifax, GDPR

by Jeff Stone

In the SHIELD Act, New York now has one of the most consumer friendly data protection laws in the country.

Why GDPR is flipping the thought process around data ownership

by Greg Otto

In a new podcast, CyberScoop gets experts to separate fact from fiction when it comes to GDPR.

BigID raises $14 million in Series A for data protection compliance product

by Greg Otto

GDPR is looming. BigID wants to help. It now has the cash to push those efforts.