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Negligent data center shutdowns bring $60 million fine for Morgan Stanley

by Joe Warminsky

Hardware from the decommissioning of two facilities in 2016 still had some customer data on it by the time it reached recyclers.

Multibillion-dollar Equinix is the latest data-center firm to face ransomware incident

by Sean Lyngaas

Data-hosting firms are a recurring target for ransomware gangs that figure the threat to customer data helps their chances of a payout.

Japanese IT services firm reveals hack affecting up to 621 corporate customers

by Sean Lyngaas

Between cloud computing and other IT services, NTT Communications has a wealth of data for hackers to aim at.

Hackers seize on software flaw to breach two victims, despite patch availability

by Sean Lyngaas

LineageOS and Ghost — makers of open-source software — grappled with security incidents over the weekend.

Advice for the U.S. government: Stop talking and start doing

by Gregory Touhill

Op-Ed: The first federal CISO has three pieces of advice for the federal government when it comes to shoring up their cybersecurity practices.

This Chinese hacking group pwned a bunch of Mongolian government sites

by Chris Bing

A Chinese hacking group broke into a national data center in Mongolia late last year, quietly planting malware into local government websites.