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Notorious hacking group FIN7 adds ransomware to its repertoire

by Tonya Riley

Ransomware strains such as Maze, Ryuk and BlackCat have increasingly been part of FIN7's playbook in recent years, Mandiant says.

Ransomware spree hitting European oil, transport companies

by Tim Starks

European officials do not currently believe that some of the attacks are linked.

State Department offers $10M for information on Iranian election interference

by Tonya Riley

The pair of hackers was indicted in November.

State Department offers $10 million reward for help identifying DarkSide ringleaders

by Tonya Riley

The bounty comes some six months after the group breached Colonial Pipeline, vaulting ransomware into the public consciousness.

FBI warns that ransomware scammers are timing hacks to target big business deals

by Tonya Riley

Attackers are threatening to throw a wrench into major business deals.