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Before targeting Belarus, Eastern Europe-focused hackers flew under the radar

by Sean Lyngaas

Despite the explosion of security firms that track state-linked hackers, a significant amount of that activity goes unnoticed.

Researchers expose new malware designed to steal data from air-gapped networks

by Sean Lyngaas

ESET is hoping publicizing the malware will shake loose clues in their hunt for the enigmatic hackers.

A Chinese security firm says DarkHotel hackers are behind an espionage campaign, but researchers want more details

by Jeff Stone

Did an APT group with roots in South Korea use VPN services to spy on the Chinese government?

Malware campaigns hit North Korea following nuclear ICBM tests

by Patrick Howell O'Neill

Two sophisticated malware campaigns recently discovered are targeting North Korea, using notably similar decoy documents to deliver their payloads - but are they connected?