Tags CyberTalks 2020

New security risks and a change in culture

by CyberScoop Staff

Christopher Harrell, chief technology officer at Yubico says that the pandemic has pushed organization culture and IT strategies to uncomfortable boundaries.

Cybersecurity and supply chain risks

by CyberScoop Staff

Aaron Faulkner, managing director for Accenture Federal Services and cybersecurity lead at Accenture discusses supply chain risk.

Identity security and dual authorization

by CyberScoop Staff

Dan Sanden, global product manager at Veritas says that he is seeing an uptick in RFP’s so that agencies can support ransomware resiliency with data backup and recovery.

The resilience and agility of network security

by CyberScoop Staff

Meghan Good, VP and cyber solutions lead, Intelligence Group at Leidos says the big lessons learned from the pandemic are resilience and agility.

Micro-segmentation and endpoint security

by CyberScoop Staff

Christopher Scott, director of security innovation and remediation for IBM discusses how remote work has elevated the interest in micro-segmentation.

Industry-government partnerships to fill security skills gaps

by CyberScoop Staff

Industry-government partnerships to fill security skills gaps.