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NSA cyber director discusses US response, approach to apparent espionage operation

by Shannon Vavra

The SolarWinds campaign leveraged private sector networks, Rob Joyce said.

NSA warns defense contractors of recent Chinese government-backed hacking

by Shannon Vavra

Chinese hackers are using known vulnerabilities to breach a multitude of victims.

NSA's Cybersecurity Directorate is still figuring out how to measure success

by Shannon Vavra

One year in, the NSA’s Cybersecurity Directorate says it is still trying to "understand the value proposition" for government, industry and U.S. allies.

Here's the NSA's advice for reducing the exposure of cellphone location data

by Shannon Vavra

Although cell phone users can take steps to limit the risk their mobile devices are exposing location data, the NSA is warning now there is no way to eliminate the risk.

The NSA recognizes it needs to share more nation-state threat data, and faster

by Shannon Vavra

The update comes amid longstanding complaints the agency is slow to share meaningful data.