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Many public safety agencies remain unequipped to defend against cyberattacks

by Colin Wood

Less than half of respondents in a survey of first responders said their agencies are "at least somewhat prepared in case of a cyberattack."

'IT security issue' impacts multiple hospitals across several states

by AJ Vicens

In a statement CommonSpirit Health says it has taken certain systems offline as a precaution.

Senator slams U.S. courts agency for 'stonewalling' inquiry into cyberattack

by AJ Vicens

Sen. Ron Wyden said the courts administrators' lack of answers about the breach "is a major red flag about the state of the courts’ systems."

Langevin amendment to boost cyber defenses for critical infrastructure wins House approval

by Suzanne Smalley

The designated entities will be required to report how they manage cyber risk for critical assets.

Hacktivists claiming attack on Iranian steel facilities dump tranche of 'top secret documents'

by AJ Vicens

Incident just the latest iteration of the back and forth between Israeli and Iranianian-aligned hackers.

What gets lost in ‘cyber Pearl Harbor'-style rhetoric

by Shannon Vavra

Leon Panetta and Ciaran Martin weigh in.