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UN cybercrime proposal could help autocrats stifle free speech, rights group says

by Sean Lyngaas

Many cybercrime laws aren't really about cybercrime.

House green lights new State Department cyber bureau

by Shannon Vavra

The Cyber Diplomacy Act is back in action.

US intelligence report warns of increased offensive cyber, disinformation around the world

by Shannon Vavra

The National Intelligence Council weighs in.

What gets lost in ‘cyber Pearl Harbor'-style rhetoric

by Shannon Vavra

Leon Panetta and Ciaran Martin weigh in.

New global model needed to dismantle ransomware gangs, experts warn

by Shannon Vavra

Tackling ransomware gangs globally is a tall order, but a path forward is taking shape.

Estonia's diplomacy training aims to shape state behavior in cyberspace

by Shannon Vavra

Back by popular demand, it's the third-ever Estonia cyber diplomacy school.