Tags Cyber Command

Opinion: Why doctrinal arguments continue to stymie effective cyber policies

by James Van de Velde

U.S. cyberspace policymakers view military principles with a dangerous disregard of what it actually takes to make American networks secure.

U.S. Cyber Command completes defensive cyber mission in Croatia

by Suzanne Smalley

Cyber National Mission Force deployed to Croatia recently, the latest example of a so-called "hunt forward" operation.

Legislator slams Biden administration for dialing back DOD cyber operation authorities

by Suzanne Smalley

Cyberspace Solarium Commission Co-Chair Rep. Mike Gallagher asserts that the Biden administration's decision poses a national security threat.

Ransomware gang Conti has already bounced back from damage caused by chat leaks, experts say

by Suzanne Smalley

Conti might grow stronger than ever despite the damage done by the leaked private chats.

Offense will win some battles, but cyber defense will win the war

by Selena Larson

Changing the calculus on defense remains the most important way to prevent attacks, even if it is not as attention-grabbing as offensive efforts.

Cyber Command alerts US firms of 'ongoing' hacks targeting Atlassian enterprise software

by Jeff Stone

The warning comes after a similar advisory from the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.