The Ukraine war could provide a cyberwarfare manual for Chinese generals eyeing Taiwan

by Tim Starks, AJ Vicens

China's certainly watching Russia's missteps in cyberspace, as well as the U.S. response.

Russia escalates threats against West in response to cyberattacks

by Suzanne Smalley

Russia experts said the escalating and increasingly overheated threats are typical of how the Russians engage diplomatically and are not a cause for worry.

Network of hyperlocal Russian Telegram channels spew disinformation in occupied Ukraine

by Suzanne Smalley

Research published by a Ukrainian think tank shows a network of at least 88 local Telegram channels.

Debate erupts at news the White House may scale back DOD cyber-ops authorities

by Suzanne Smalley

Cybersecurity and homeland security experts are split on the wisdom of scaling back broad authorities that DOD has to launch cyber-operations.

The long, bumpy road to cyber incident reporting legislation — and the one still ahead

by Tim Starks, AJ Vicens

The legislation eventually garnered widespread support on its way to becoming law, but much remains unresolved.

Spy agencies' leaks of Russian plans point to the future of information warfare, Sen. Warner says

by Suzanne Smalley

U.S. spy agencies have markedly improved their use of information warfare, the Senate Intelligence Committee chairman says.