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Online romance scams expand, now with more cryptocurrency

by Joe Warminsky

The FTC says that of the $547 million in romance scams reported in 2021, $139 million in losses involved cryptocurrency transactions.

Securiosity: Oh man, this 'Crypto' trailer

by Jeff Stone

It was a lighter week in news, so we laughed at a movie trailer.

Seoul claims North Korea stole millions worth of cryptocurrency from domestic exchanges

by Chloe Kim

The North is still trying to hack into South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges.

Newly uncovered 'Zealot' malware could double as 2017 buzzword bingo

by Chris Bing

Apache Struts. Eternal Blue. Cryptocurrency. This story has it all.

New battle in 'Crypto Wars' heating up in wake of Manchester attack

by Patrick Howell O'Neill

Formal talks between governments and tech companies are taking place as European countries ratchet up their calls for encryption backdoors.

Facebook Messenger upgrades encrypted chat feature

by Patrick Howell O'Neill

"It's a clear step forward in bringing the benefits of secure, robust cryptography to billions of people around the world," said one former employee.