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CISA announces cybersecurity performance goals for critical infrastructure

by Christian Vasquez

The voluntary goals are meant to be a starting guide for critical infrastructure in both IT and OT environments.

Hackers maintained deep access inside military organization's network, U.S. officials reveal

by Suzanne Smalley

A U.S. government cybersecurity advisory includes details about the sophisticated attack on an unnamed defense industrial base organization.

CISA directive orders federal civilian agencies to regularly report software vulnerabilities

by Suzanne Smalley

CISA Director Jen Easterly said the directive will give the agency more insight into federal civilian agencies' cybersecurity practices.

Nord Stream pipeline disinformation fits pattern of Russian information warfare

by Suzanne Smalley

Experts say the way Russia is using disinformation around Nord Stream fits a pattern of how it historically approaches information warfare.

Cyberspace Solarium Commission members push to advance remaining recommendations

by Suzanne Smalley

The group is hoping to advance ideas such as a National Cybersecurity Certification and Labeling Authority and a Bureau of Cyber Statistics.

CISA to formally solicit industry feedback on cybersecurity incident reporting rules

by Suzanne Smalley

CISA Director Jen Easterly will meet with executives to craft a framework for cybersecurity incident reporting that doesn't "burden industry."