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More than 1.1 million online credentials found in NY AG credential stuffing investigation

by AJ Vicens

The 1.1 million accounts could be used to log in to 17 different major online businesses, which were notified.

Akamai's Tony Lauro on how to protect a customer loyalty program

by Jeff Stone

Akamai's Director of Security Technology & Strategy Tony Lauro talks with CyberScoop Editor-in-Chief Greg Otto about hackers' attempts to crack open customer loyalty programs and what enterprises can do to stop it.

Fraud via rogue apps exploded by 300 percent in just a few months

by Jeff Stone

Phishing rates stayed mostly constant from one quarter to the next, according to a new RSA report.

Nearly 773 million email addresses leaked, spelling trouble for people who re-use passwords

by Jeff Stone

Some 140 million email addresses and 10 million passwords are new to Hunt’s Have I Been Pwned website, the free service that tracks whether user credentials have been made available in data dumps.

Dunkin' Donuts struck in latest credential stuffing attack

by Jeff Stone

The fast-casual restaurant chain says thieves obtained username and password information belonging to customers via a credential stuffing incident.

HSBC discloses breach of U.S. bank accounts

by Greg Otto

The company didn't reveal exactly how the breaches occurred, but the information released by the bank points to credential stuffing.