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Tech companies are selling domains suggesting illegal sales of guns, malware

by Tonya Riley

COVID-19-related domains remain a concern.

Do credit monitoring and ID protection services do enough for breach victims?

by Tim Starks

"We need to rethink how consumer data is stewarded," one customer advocate said.

Consumer watchdog says Equifax settlement 'flunks' fairness test

by Jeff Stone

Final approval, scheduled for Dec. 19, could be in jeopardy.

We're running out of time with IoT security — here are some ways to fix it

by Sandy Clark

Op-Ed: Wannacry has shown us that we have a very short time to develop strategies and policies to address the potentially catastrophic damage we can expect from attacks on vulnerable IoT devices.

Online Trust Alliance merges with Internet Society

by Shaun Waterman

The Online Trust Alliance, which has for a dozen years brought together business leaders from security and technology companies to try to maximize consumer security and trust online, is merging with the much larger and older Internet Society.