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'Critical' flaw in apps for Sennheiser headphones allows certificate access

by Jeff Stone

The mistake means that hackers could decrypt the key and use the certificate, a means of digital authentication, to monitor victims’ traffic and launch main-in-the-middle attacks.

Hackers could hijack internet-connected speakers to remotely play whatever they want

by Chris Bing

For now, it's just Rick Rolls. Yet the hack could be used for far more sinister purposes.

FTC sues home router maker over security flaws

by Shaun Waterman

D-Link products put the personal cybersecurity and private data of thousands of Americans at risk, the complaint states.

NSA deputy: IoT is a growing security problem

by Shaun Waterman

The explosion in the numbers of web-connected devices heralded by the Internet of Things risks making us all more vulnerable online, NSA Deputy Director Rick Ledgett warned business leaders Tuesday.