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How CompTIA is working to stem the cybersecurity workforce shortage

by Jeff Stone

Shaun Waterman talks with CompTIA CEO Todd Thibodeaux on different ways his organization is working to fill the workforce shortage when it comes to cybersecurity jobs.

Citing 'confidence gap' in American tech workforce, CompTIA creates professional association

by Shaun Waterman

The industry association wants to create a pipeline into the workforce for cybersecurity and other IT fields.

Despite open jobs, veterans face problems landing civilian cybersecurity roles

by Patrick Howell O'Neill

It's not always a simple jump for military veterans trying to find their way into the booming private cybersecurity industry.

How to make sense of the wide open cybersecurity job market

by Patrick Howell O'Neill

A newly launched website backed by a public sector-private industry partnership aims to deliver a vast amount of valuable information on where the security jobs are, how to get them, what career tracks are available and how much money people can expect once they are hired.