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Treasury sanctions virtual currency mixer Blender for money laundering

by Suzanne Smalley

Blender was used to launder $20.5 million of the $620 million that the Treasury Department alleges North Korean hackers stole in March.

A botnet named after Prometheus is also exploiting Exchange Server flaws

by Sean Lyngaas

The botnet was active just days after the Exchange Server vulnerabilities were announced.

Serbian man extradited to US over cryptocurrency mining fraud scheme

by Tim Starks

The alleged scheme included fake company profiles with names and pictures of mostly women.

US, European authorities carry out sweeping crackdown on prolific QQAAZZ cybercriminal group

by Sean Lyngaas

It’s the most significant law enforcement offensive to date against the Eastern European cybercrime gang.

A 35,000-device botnet in Peru is wounded, but still mining cryptocurrency

by Sean Lyngaas

It’s an example of how the fight against a cybercriminal threat is often long and methodical — and heavily aided by the private sector.

The anatomy of the MyKings botnet, and why it matters for security

by Sean Lyngaas

The MyKings botnet, also known as Smominru, is a mash-up of recent security trends.