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FBI employee indicted for stealing classified info on FBI cybersecurity work

by Shannon Vavra

The documents also revealed information on al Qaeda and counterintelligence work.

Democrats furious after intelligence officials cancel in-person election security briefings

by Sean Lyngaas

There's a partisan fight over election security material as U.S. officials warn that Russia is once again interfering in the electoral process.

Julian Assange accused of conspiring with Anonymous and LulzSec in superseding US indictment

by Sean Lyngaas

The new indictment broadens the U.S. government's case against the WikiLeaks founder to include more hacking allegations.

Cyber Command was worried that WikiLeaks dump would burn Operation Aurora intel, document shows

by Shannon Vavra

The WikiLeaks 2010 dump showed the U.S. government had been tracking the adversary for some time.

Judge rules proceeds from Snowden memoir belong to U.S. government

by Shannon Vavra

It's because the ex-NSA contractor did not get government approvals to publish.

Improve controls on classified information, inspector general tells U.S. intelligence community

by Shannon Vavra

The IC has to ramp up how it manages and mitigates "the risk that a trusted privileged user could inappropriately access, modify, destroy, or exfiltrate classified data,” a new report says.