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Health insurer Excellus penalized $5.1M by HHS for data breach

by Joe Warminsky

The incident dates back to the era of well-publicized hacks on corporations such as Target, Sony and Home Depot.

Zoom shareholder accuses executives of fraud over security practices

by Jeff Stone

An investor filed the class-action suit amid ongoing scrutiny of Zoom's data protection practices.

Zoom hit with class-action lawsuit for sharing user data with Facebook

by Sean Lyngaas

With its popularity surging during a health crisis, the video conferencing service hasn't done enough to protect privacy, the suit alleges.

Facebook settles facial recognition lawsuit for $550 million

by Jeff Stone

Members of the suit each can claim up to $200.

Facebook rejects new allegation that it protected employees over users in 2018 breach

by Sean Lyngaas

The plaintiffs say the company knew about the problem with "access tokens" for years and chose to protect its own employees before fixing the problem for users.

My info was in the Capital One breach. What should I do?

by Jeff Stone

The majority of those impacted by the Capital One breach are left with one big question: What do I do? We have some ideas.