Unpacking key competencies for infosec leaders

by CyberScoop Staff

New research offers insights into how to embed information security and business skills to help drive growth and transformation.

Cyber Everywhere: Aligning the CISO role with the business strategy

by CyberScoop Staff

The roles of chief information security officers are changing as organizations establish a broader security strategy into their lines of business.

Pete Buttigieg's campaign CISO has resigned

by Shannon Vavra

Mick Baccio, who has been with the Buttigieg campaign since last August, told CyberScoop he was resigning due to differences in the campaign's security approach.

There's a lot more to patching security vulnerabilities than you might think

by Jeff Stone

Saying 'Well, why didn't you just patch?' is not helpful. Here's why.

Why CISOs must get better at connecting to the rest of the company

by Jeff Stone

Too few companies have leaders who work together effectively, as evidenced by the number of data breaches originating at misconfigured cloud servers, a panel of experts said at the RSA conference.

Tech startups are making security moves sooner. They don't have much of a choice.

by Jeff Stone

Smaller firms are incorporating cybersecurity into their culture sooner than ever, in part because potential partners are fearful of hackers getting into their networks.