Election disinformation fueled midterm conspiracies, but far behind 2020 levels, experts found

by Suzanne Smalley

Researchers found more than 40,000 tweets about tabulators in Maricopa County, Arizona, but disinformation didn't reach levels seen in 2020.

CISA's critical infrastructure performance goals win praise, but questions remain about effectiveness

by Christian Vasquez

The performance goals that industrial cybersecurity experts welcomed could be overshadowed by incoming mandates.

White House announces 100-day cyber sprint for chemical sector

by Christian Vasquez

The sprint is the latest effort from the White House to improve cybersecurity and monitoring in industrial control systems.

CISA, Ukrainian cyber agency deepen partnership to combat Russian threat

by Suzanne Smalley

Ukrainian and American cyber officials met this week at the State Department, FBI and CISA to strengthen cybersecurity collaboration.

The cyber insurance market has a critical infrastructure problem

by Tonya Riley

Rising cybersecurity risks are reviving questions about the ability of cybersecurity insurance to cover the risks of a catastrophic attack.

String of attacks on French telecom infrastructure preceded April attack on fiber optic cables

by Suzanne Smalley

American telecommunications infrastructure is vulnerable to attack and government is not doing enough to protect it, a top expert said.