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Alleged CIA leaker's attorneys now might have to become witnesses

by Jeff Stone

In addition to accusations related to the Vault7 leak, Joshua Schulte was charged with conspiring to leak information from jail. The current moves are associated with those accusations.

DNI official: Leaks won’t stop intelligence agencies' digitization

by Sean Lyngaas

The leaks of sensitive cyber tools will not impede the intelligence community’s push to adopt cloud computing, according to a top intelligence official.

Armies of pro-Trump Twitter bots are now promoting WikiLeaks' CIA dump

by Chris Bing

The Twitter bots we saw during the presidential campaign have found a new topic to direct their focus on.

WikiLeaks left key details unredacted in CIA leak

by Chris Bing

Despite WikiLeaks' editors saying they went to painstaking lengths to redact info from the documents, crucial agency details are now in the wild. according to a confidential analysis obtained by CyberScoop.