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Project Zero researchers see promising trends in vulnerability fixes

by AJ Vicens

Data from the Google-based team seems to reflect an industry getting faster at fixing bugs and deploying patches.

New Internet Explorer, Chrome zero-days highlight a growing market

by Tonya Riley

Hackers are going after Internet Explorer, even on its deathbed.

Suspected Chinese hackers are breaking into nearby military targets

by Shannon Vavra

The suspected PLA hackers are back in action.

Google rushes out fix for another Chrome zero-day flaw

by Sean Lyngaas

It’s the third previously unknown vulnerability that Chrome has addressed this year.

Google researchers uncover two zero-days affecting Chrome, Windows

by Sean Lyngaas

Both vulnerabilities could allow hackers to escape the “sandboxes” that software programs use as safeguards against malicious activity.

This tool allows you to check the code powering Chrome extensions

by Sean Lyngaas

Automation can help with the laborious but important work of tracking the third-party code used by extensions.