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How Xi Jinping leveled-up China's hacking teams

by Dakota Cary

China's investments in cybersecurity education set the stage for a new, more prolific era of digital espionage.

FBI director says he's 'extremely concerned' about China's ability to weaponize TikTok

by Suzanne Smalley

Christopher Wray said China could control TikTok's algorithm to support anti-American information operations, posing a serious risk.

Chinese influence operation seeks to sow political discord, 'aggressively' targets U.S. midterms

by AJ Vicens

China has increased its aggressive actions and rhetoric around politics, other divisive issues, researchers say.

The quantum computing threat is real. Now we need to act.

by Susan M. Gordon, John Richardson, Mike Rogers

Washington should strive to become the dominant power in quantum information sciences. Otherwise, the U.S. will be dangerously at risk.

Transcom completes zero trust implementation across its classified network´┐╝

by Brandi Vincent

U.S. Transportation Command also released a new strategy to ensure it can remain ready now and in the future.

Dmitri Alperovitch on Taiwan, China and Putin's probing cyberattacks

by Suzanne Smalley

The former CrowdStrike executive and co-founder of Silverado Policy Accelerator says Americans need to understand Taiwan's strategic value.