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A phishing campaign with nation-state hallmarks is targeting Chinese government agencies

by Jeff Stone

The identity of the hackers responsible remains elusive, though the phishing targets in China and the IP addresses involved indicate a coordinated effort, researchers from Anomali said.

Trustico revokes 23,000 SSL certificates due to compromise

by Patrick Howell O'Neill

This situation is a mess with many moving parts and unanswered questions.

Criminals sell counterfeit certificates to make malware look legitimate

by Patrick Howell O'Neill

The fraudulent files, which act like valid code signing certificates, allowed malware to go undetected by most anti-virus scans, Recorded Future says.

Symantec says it will reissue digital certs distrusted by Chrome

by Shaun Waterman

Symantec looks to be caving in its dispute with Chrome over the trustworthiness of digital certificates — which underlie the green padlock in the browser address bar that tells consumers it's safe to bank or shop online.

Citing compliance failures, Chrome will distrust Symantec certificates

by Shaun Waterman

Two of the biggest names on the internet embarked on a game of chicken this week over the little green padlock in the address bar.

Crypto is a mess inside enterprises

by Shaun Waterman

Public Key Infrastructure, the system used to create, manage and store the mathematical keys and digital certificates used for encryption, is under stress in many companies and agencies, according to a new Ponemon survey.