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LocationSmart bug allowed for leak of location data for nearly any U.S. phone

by Zaid Shoorbajee

Anyone could have tracked almost anyone's phone in the U.S.

Why Twitter's bot problem is a looming security challenge

by Nicole Softness

Last month's bot attack targeting think tanks and journalists is just the latest instance that calls the company's security practices into question.

GameStop investigating possible credit card hack

by Patrick Howell O'Neill

The video game giant is investigating the sale of customer credit cards on the black market.

San Francisco transit hacker fails to extort victim, gets doxxed instead

by Chris Bing

After three days without payment, an unnerved hacker that infected computer systems with ransomware operated by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency threatened to leak 30GB worth of sensitive data late Monday night. SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose is calling the hacker’s latest threat a bluff.

IoT-fueled DDoS attacks are what keep internet execs up at night

by Chris Bing

Publication of the Mirai source code is noteworthy, experts tell CyberScoop, because it will lower the technical barriers once required for hackers to build immense botnets.