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Seven years later, DHS set to roll out dramatic changes to system for hiring cyber pros

by Tim Starks

It will change how DHS cyber personnel are paid, how they're evaluated after applying and how they're assessed for raises.

Nations investing in cyber, 'democratization' of malware are factors accelerating dangers online, CISA official says

by Tim Starks

Brandon Wales said at CyberWeek that the twin phenomena have increased the "prevalence and impact" of attacks.

Colonial Pipeline didn't tell CISA about ransomware incident, highlighting questions about information sharing

by Tim Starks

It wasn't the only incident on lawmakers' minds where they thought information sharing fell short.

Biden's cyber executive order to include new rules for federal agencies, contractors

by Tim Starks

The executive order is one part of the administration's response to the SolarWinds hack.

Feds aren't well prepared to spot SolarWinds-style hacks at agencies, CISA official says

by Tim Starks

The SolarWinds hack is making CISA reexamine key programs for protecting federal networks.

Tim Maurer takes front office DHS cybersecurity job advising Mayorkas

by Tim Starks

Tim Maurer has focused on cybersecurity in the international and financial services spheres.