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Researchers find flaw that leaks email addresses from Apple's AirDrop

by Sean Lyngaas

The tech we take for granted in our phones deserves closer examination.

Researchers found another way to hack Android cellphones via Bluetooth

by Shannon Vavra

There's another Bluetooth vulnerability on the market, according to DBAPPSecurity research presented at Black Hat 2020.

As contact tracing gains attention, a researcher pokes a hole in Bluetooth technology

by Sean Lyngaas

A German university student show how to execute code on a Samsung Galaxy S10e.

Google to replace Titan keys for free after uncovering Bluetooth flaw

by Jeff Stone

The vulnerability would require an outsider to already have obtained a victim's username and password.

BlueBorne: The latest Bluetooth vulnerability that impacts billions of devices

by Patrick Howell O'Neill

"These vulnerabilities are the most serious Bluetooth vulnerabilities identified to date," Armis researchers explained.

New report warns of connected-car security dangers

by Shaun Waterman

Securing the connected, smart and increasingly autonomous cars of tomorrow against hackers and online criminals will only get harder, warns the Cloud Security Alliance.