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State Department offers $10 million reward for help identifying DarkSide ringleaders

by Tonya Riley

The bounty comes some six months after the group breached Colonial Pipeline, vaulting ransomware into the public consciousness.

A Russian-speaking ransomware gang says it hacked the National Rifle Association

by Tonya Riley, AJ Vicens

An NRA spokesperson declined to comment when reached by phone.

Candy corn producer says ransomware incident 'not likely' to sour Halloween supplies

by Jeff Stone

The Ferrara candy-maker says it's avoiding its own horror story.

Olympus probes apparent cyberattack, its second in less than a month

by AJ Vicens

The ransomware gang BlackMatter was a suspect in a prior incident.

Exposed ransomware negotiations shed light on cybercrime, but complicate things for victims

by Tonya Riley

The hijacking raises questions about what happens with sensitive negotiations become public.