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Cybercriminals are posing as Ukraine fundraisers to steal cryptocurrency

by Tonya Riley

The scams have picked up on Telegram.

CISA probes scope, potential fallout of Log4j vulnerability

by Tim Starks

CISA is urgently trying to catalog all affected products, an official told reporters Tuesday.

Bitdefender releases REvil decryptor as ransomware gang shows signs of return

by Tim Starks

Bitdefender and other cyber firms are seeing signs of a REvil rebirth.

Suspected Chinese hackers are breaking into nearby military targets

by Shannon Vavra

The suspected PLA hackers are back in action.

It's hard to keep a big botnet down: TrickBot sputters back toward full health

by Tim Starks

Microsoft and U.S. Cyber Command made progress against TrickBot, but it doesn't appear to have been lasting.

Malicious Autodesk plugin at root of cyber-espionage campaign

by Shannon Vavra

Hackers-for-hire appear to be making a buck in real estate sector cyber-espionage via Autodesk.