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DHS's top cyber office is about to get a name that reflects its mission

by Zaid Shoorbajee

The CISA act would rebrand NPPD, giving it a more cyber-relevant name and cementing the office into law.

Flagship election security bill gets a companion in the House

by Zaid Shoorbajee

The Secure Elections Act would let states to replace outdated machines, among other forms of assistance from the federal government.

Cyber diplomacy office at State Department would return under House-passed bill

by Chris Bing

Congress took the first step in reestablishing a State Department office that was dedicated to developing global norms for digital espionage and more.

Senators introduce bill to counter bad cybersecurity practices in credit reporting industry

by Chris Bing

Two Democrats want to provide new regulatory powers for the Federal Trade Commission so that it can punish companies like Equifax and others in the credit reporting industry for poor cybersecurity practices.

Senators introduce bipartisan bill to improve Internet of Things cybersecurity

by Chris Bing

A new bill introduced in the Senate by Democrat Mark Warner and Republican Cory Gardner would establish a new set of cybersecurity standards for companies that hope to sell so-called "Internet of Things," or IoT, devices — like internet connected sensors or wearables — to federal agencies.

Lawmakers introduce bill to shine spotlight on government hacking stockpile

by Chris Bing

A new bipartisan bill aims to add transparency to the Vulnerabilities Equities Process.