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Obama says he underestimated the threats posed by disinformation

by Suzanne Smalley

Obama said the United States and other democracies helped disinformation flourish by growing complacent.

Biden says 'shooting war' could break out with foreign heavyweights over cyberattacks

by Tim Starks

The saber-rattling comes amid ongoing fallout from hacks that originated in Russia.

UK man arrested in connection with massive Twitter hack, alleged cyberstalking

by Tonya Riley

The high profile hack compromised the accounts of 130 victims.

Fake ransomware named after Donald Trump tries to trick victims out of a buck

by Jeff Stone

Hackers are trying to spread malicious software by using world leaders' names to generate interest.

PPD-20 elimination opens arguments over how U.S. should conduct offensive hacking operations

by Sean Lyngaas

Lawmakers and key officials sounded off Thursday after President Donald Trump rescinded a key cyberwar policy directive.

Report: Obama admin planted cyber 'bombs' inside Russian infrastructure

by Ryan Johnston

The Obama Administration reportedly planned a covert cyber operation as part of their Russian sanctions issued in December 2016 to punish Moscow for interference in the 2016 Presidential election.