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Hackers are using bootleg copies of 'Grand Theft Auto V' game to mine Monero

by Tonya Riley

There's no such thing as a free download.

Anti-virus firm Avast shuts down its data-selling subsidiary

by Sean Lyngaas

The episode reinforced concerns about the ability of big tech firms to collect and monetize user data.

Czech software firm Avast says CCleaner was attacked — again

by Sean Lyngaas

This time the intrusion "was an extremely sophisticated attempt against us that had the intention to leave no traces of the intruder or their purpose,” the company's CISO says.

Why Cyber Command’s latest warning is a win for the government's information sharing efforts

by Shannon Vavra

New details uncovered by CyberScoop show how much coordination went into Cyber Command's public VirusTotal upload of an Iran-linked tool.

BankBot, once thought to be wiped out, returns to Google Play Store

by Patrick Howell O'Neill

There is another example of malware being a constant problem for Android users.

Research claims CCLeaner attack carried out by Chinese-linked group

by Chris Bing

Israeli cybersecurity startup Intezer Labs claims its highly likely that APT17 is behind the supply chain attack that targeted the popular disk cleanup utility.