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Chinese hackers zero in on Australian manufacturers, wind turbine operators

by AJ Vicens

The recently uncovered hacking activity is connected to a decade-old Chinese cyberespionage operation, researchers said.

Analysis of well-known Iranian hacking group points to more purely financial attacks

by AJ Vicens

The government-linked hacking activity is both an intel-gathering effort as well as a money maker, researchers say.

U.S., allies warn of rising recent and future attacks on managed service providers

by AJ Vicens

The internationally coordinated notice offers specific best practices for MSPs and customers amid warnings of increasing threats.

UK, EU, US formally blame Russia for Viasat satellite hack before Ukraine invasion

by AJ Vicens

The British statement cites joint U.K./U.S. intelligence, representing the most formal U.S. attribution to date.

Australian police unsuccessfully seek to have hosting company pull down leaked data website

by AJ Vicens

The request came as police there investigate the hack of the Nauru Police Force.

FBI arrests 65 in BEC scams that took $51M from US businesses

by Tonya Riley

"Operation Eagle Sweep" is the latest crackdown on business email compromise (BEC) scams by international law enforcement.