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Pakistani man allegedly paid AT&T employees big bucks to jailbreak millions of iPhones

by Jeff Stone

The scheme unlocked 2 million iPhones for use outside AT&T's network, federal prosecutors say. At least one employee allegedly received more than $400,000 for participating.

AT&T to acquire AlienVault

by Zaid Shoorbajee

The telecommunications giant looks to add AlienVault’s services and talent to its growing cybersecurity suite.

AT&T lands NSA contract worth billions to outsource IT

by Michelai Graham

The bid protest has ended and AT&T has officially been awarded an IT contract with the National Security Agency.

Wyden demands answers from telecom giants, NSA over SS7 vulnerabilities

by Chris Bing

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden is demanding to know how America's largest telecommunications companies plan to stop hackers from exploiting vulnerabilities in an outdated mobile-data transfer framework that remains fundamental to how cellphones function.

Cyber companies urged to share — and not sell — threat info

by Shaun Waterman

DHS wants cyber companies to give their threat intelligence away as widely as possible. Surprisingly, many cybersecurity companies seem to agree.