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US Army combines fake hacks, natural disaster simulation to test municipal responses

by Shannon Vavra

What happens when cyberattacks and natural disasters hit ports all at once?

Here's how Army Cyber Command plans to take on information warfare

by Shannon Vavra

Amid Russian, Chinese, and Iranian influence operations, the U.S. Army has issued a 10-year plan to reform Army Cyber Command into an information warfare powerhouse.

Air Force unveils information warfare outfit amid U.S. effort to go on offense in cyberspace

by Shannon Vavra

It's a big shift for the service, which traditionally has prioritized defense.

Sen. Warner says hacking, disinformation are the future of war, and urges the U.S. to keep up

by Shannon Vavra

Sen. Mark Warner says the world has entered a new phase of nation-state conflict in which cyberwarfare and information warfare are the primary means through which countries assert their power on the world stage.

Army Cyber Command is trying to become an information warfare force

by Shannon Vavra

A proposed name change is just the beginning.

As the military's cyber units change guard, a battle over control rages on

by Chris Bing

During a time of rapid change for the U.S.' top cyber warfare teams, a current version of the 2019 defense bill challenges the President's authority over them.