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Wine scams spiked during COVID-19 lockdown

by Tim Starks

The malicious wine-related activity "must be stopped at all costs."

Report: Russian hackers waged broad phishing campaign against company tied to Trump impeachment

by Shannon Vavra

Area 1 Security says Burisma has been sent phishing pages by APT28, the same group who hacked the DNC in 2016.

FEC approves anti-spearphishing service for campaigns at low cost

by Shannon Vavra

Security vendor Area 1 previously argued it's not trying to curry favor with candidates, and that it receives business value in collecting intelligence from attacks aimed at campaigns.

Ruling possible soon on legality of discounted anti-spearphishing services for campaigns

by Shannon Vavra

The FEC signaled that it thinks Congress would be a more appropriate theater for such issues.

Cybersecurity firm Area 1 defends pointing finger at China over European cables hack

by Sean Lyngaas

The research has reignited a debate about attribution in infosec.

Russia-linked hackers impersonate NATO in attempt to hack Romanian government

by Chris Bing

An elite hacking group linked to the Russian government masqueraded as a NATO representative to send a barrage of phishing emails to diplomatic organizations in Europe, including Romania’s Foreign Ministry of Affairs, documents show.