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Iranian government-backed hackers target critical infrastructure with ransomware, US says

by Tim Starks

The targets include local governments and the health care sector.

Iran-linked spies used Christmas as cover for spearphishing, researchers say

by Joe Warminsky

The group known as Charming Kitten used malicious links to capture login credentials and steal data, CERTFA said.

Munich Security Conference attendees targeted with Iran-linked spearphishing, Microsoft says

by Shannon Vavra

Double check that high-profile "invite" in your inbox.

Group said to be behind attempted campaign hack has also gone after cybersecurity researchers

by Sean Lyngaas

After Microsoft said Iranian hackers had targeted a presidential campaign, more data on the group is coming out.

Microsoft uses court order to shut down APT35 websites

by Sean Lyngaas

Court orders are becoming an important tool in tech companies’ fight against nation-state-backed hacking groups.