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Symantec implicates APT10 in sweeping hacking campaign against Japanese firms

by Sean Lyngaas

After a 2018 U.S. indictment, it looks like APT10 is back.

EU sanctions Russian intelligence, Chinese nationals and a North Korean front company for alleged hacks

by Jeff Stone

It's the first restrictive measure out of the EU in connection with cyber activities.

Accused Chinese hackers abandon techniques after U.S. indictments

by Jeff Stone

The indictment against four members of the Chinese Army for allegedly hacking Equifax came after an uptick in activity originating from intelligence services.

'China Chopper' web shell makes a comeback in Lebanon, other Asian countries

by Shannon Vavra

Cisco's Talos team has found an old favorite of threat groups.

Chinese spies have their sights on cancer research

by Sean Lyngaas

After China’s cancer rate surged in recent years, Chinese authorities went looking for an answer to the problem.

Chinese-linked APT10 has been active in the Philippines, researchers say

by Sean Lyngaas

In recent years the group has compromised organizations in the U.S., Europe, and Japan.