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'Gamaredon' hackers target Ukrainian officials amid rising Russian tensions

by Tim Starks

The suspected Russian hackers used current events in their campaign.

Hackers use fake contact tracing apps in attempt to install banking malware on Android phones

by Jeff Stone

Exactly who is behind the 12 distinct apps remains unclear.

These tiny islands are at the heart of an uncovered Chinese phishing campaign

by Shannon Vavra

Chinese cyber-espionage campaigns frequently coincide with territorial disputes.

Possible APT attacks against Ukraine expand to target journalists, researchers say

by Jeff Stone

Previous research into Gamaredon determined that hackers included Russian phrases that, when translated into English, insulted Americans.

Hacking group targets organizations focused on North Korea's missile program

by Jeff Stone

Targets included the foreign ministries in at least three countries, as well as Stanford University.

A phishing campaign with nation-state hallmarks is targeting Chinese government agencies

by Jeff Stone

The identity of the hackers responsible remains elusive, though the phishing targets in China and the IP addresses involved indicate a coordinated effort, researchers from Anomali said.