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Legislators rail against potential rollback of flexible DOD cyber powers

by Suzanne Smalley

U.S. Cyber Command General Paul Nakasone told senators that scaling back his organization's cyber ops authorities would be damaging to its mission.

The Cyberspace Solarium Commission pushed some major policies into law. So what now?

by Tim Starks

It's going to track how its recommendations are implemented, and study some issues where it only scratched the surface.

Proposal for industries to report big cyberattacks, ransomware payments wins Senate approval

by Tim Starks

The measure, under which CISA would handle the incident reporting, must still win House approval.

Rep. Katko introduces bill that would prioritize security for key US critical infrastructure

by Tim Starks

Data breaches at a pipeline operator and fuel supplier briefly rattled U.S. supply chains earlier this year.

Lawmakers throw cold water on splitting Cyber Command from NSA

by Shannon Vavra

Congress is hitting back.

A look inside Congress’ biggest cyber bill ever

by Tim Starks

The NDAA enacts many of the recommendations of the Cyberspace Solarium Commission, including creation of a a White House cyber director.