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FBI is 'moving towards' predictive cybercrime-fighting tools, assistant director says

by Chris Bing

The FBI’s cybercrime unit is developing predictive policing capabilities, Assistant Director Scott Smith said during a panel discussion at the 2017 RSA conference.

Bush's federal IT chief hopes for role in Trump administration

by Shaun Waterman

Karen Evans, the former head of federal IT under President George W. Bush, told CyberScoop she hopes to serve in Donald Trump's administration.

How a failed lawsuit trailed CrowdStrike into the RSA Conference

by Chris Bing

Rumors of a lawsuit launched by Crowdstrike, an industry leader, against cybersecurity product testing firm NSSLabs, quickly spread amongst the thousands of attendees attending the 2017 RSA conference, Tuesday.

Report: IoT devices attacked their own network

by Shaun Waterman

A university IT system was brought to a near-standstill by a cyberattack from inside its own firewall, when connected devices on its internal network became infected with malware, and overloaded its DNS server.

DHS scientists to show AI-backed cybersecurity at RSA conference

by Shaun Waterman

The inclusion of network security tools powered by artificial intelligence in the DHS showcase confirms that RSA will mark the arrival of a new generation of cyber tech.