Identity management firm SecureAuth acquired for $225 million, will merge with Core Security

The merger will result in a company with 360 employees, 1,500 customers and a name that won't be announced until 2018.

California-based identity management company SecureAuth was acquired for $225 million by K1 Investment Management, the company announced Wednesday.

The acquisition was followed by a merger with the Georgia-based cybersecurity firm Core Security, resulting in a company with 360 employees, 1,500 customers and a name that won’t be announced until 2018.

Jeff Kukowski, currently the CEO at SecureAuth, will serve as the CEO of the new company, which will also be headquartered in California.

SecureAuth offers two lines of products. SecureAuth IdP is an access product that addresses a variety of authentication requirements. SecureAuth Cloud Access is a security manager of cloud services addressing authentication, visibility, compliance, administration and various other security tools.


Core Security does attack intelligence, network security and vulnerability management for enterprises. With over 200 employees, the majority of the new company’s workforce will be coming from Core.

Kukowski pitched his new company as able to manage and visualize the “full attack surface” but much remains to be seen about what the new firm will offer.

A representative offered up a few metrics to measure the state of the combined company, including customers in 18 percent of the Fortune 1000, 750 million devices monitored daily, customers in 50 government agencies and every U.S. military branch plus 170 banks, 200 healthcare providers and 50 telecoms.

Patrick Howell O'Neill

Written by Patrick Howell O'Neill

Patrick Howell O’Neill is a cybersecurity reporter for CyberScoop based in San Francisco.

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