Five encryption myths debunked for feds

HPE Chief Technologist Terence Spies sat down with Cyberscoop Radio at the HPE Protect event at National Harbor to discuss five myths that federal agencies have to deal with when it comes to encryption.

Spies talks with Greg Otto on how format-preserving encryption can allow for agencies to conduct their work without systems slowing down or breaking altogether. Spies also highlights how encryption isn’t enough on it’s own, needing to be formatted correctly in order to protect the sensitive data agencies regularly deal with.

Perhaps most importantly is the notion that new forms of encryption can be added across a number of different enterprises, from systems looking to harness the cloud to those that still depend on legacy technology.

Spies and HPE recognize the need for agencies to meet regulations and fulfill unfunded mandates — and inform IT shops on why they shouldn’t be worried that their systems will break by adding encryption into the stack.