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The Senate hearing on the SolarWinds hack previewed the work ahead. Bombardier endured a breach. And Twitter took down some influence campaign accounts. This is CyberScoop for Feb. 24, 2021.

Senate panel weighs fixes in response to SolarWinds breach

If the U.S. hopes to avoid a future sprawling hack on the scale of the SolarWinds breach, the federal government will have to do a lot more, and everyone will have to learn additional, fundamental details about what happened, according to witnesses and lawmakers at an open Senate Intelligence Committee hearing Tuesday. One step that amassed widespread support at the hearing — which featured testimony from SolarWinds, Microsoft, FireEye and CrowdStrike — was a national data breach notification law. But that's proven difficult for Congress to enact for nearly two decades. And basic questions such as how the hackers got into SolarWinds' systems in the first place still need to be answered. Tim Starks has more.

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Accellion breach ensnares Canadian plane-maker

A forensic analysis revealed that “confidential” information originating at Bombardier was stolen in a recent incident, the company said Tuesday. The Montreal-based Bombardier, which reported $16 billion in revenue in 2018, did not specify exactly what happened or when, though it did say the breach was the result of a “vulnerability affecting a third-party file-transfer application.” The careful language appears to be a reference to Accellion, an IT services provider victimized last year in an incident that is continuing to have consequences for the company’s clients. Jeff Stone has the latest.

Software glitch keeps Arizona inmates eligible for release behind bars

Faulty software used by the Arizona Department of Corrections has kept hundreds of inmates eligible for release in prison, despite officials knowing about the glitches for more than a year, according to a whistleblower report made public this week. KJZZ, an NPR affiliate in Phoenix, reported that the department’s inmate management software was not adjusted to accommodate a 2019 state law designed to make it easier for nonviolent convicts to earn an early release, despite employees notifying the agency’s top IT and administrative officials. Benjamin Freed digs in to an emerging scandal.

A growing rap sheet

Twitter has taken action against a slew of state-linked influence operations run from Russia, Iran and Armenia in recent days, the company announced Tuesday. The takedown of these efforts in recent days is emblematic of a pernicious threat that social media companies face in trying to establish ground truth on their platforms. Twitter has been working for years to oust manipulative influence operations from its platform, and while it has seen some success, it continuously runs into repeat offenders who spread disinformation, including in the case of the Kremlin-linked troll farm known as the Internet Research Agency believed to be behind one of these most recent campaigns and an Iranian-linked campaign. Shannon Vavra breaks it down.

Silverado launches

Approximately a year after Dmitri Alperovitch left CrowdStrike, his new policy accelerator is launching today. The nonprofit, called the Silverado Policy Accelerator, will be dedicated to pursuing bipartisan policy solutions with clear roadmaps on cybersecurity issues, trade and industrial security problems and climate change issues that affect national security, Alperovitch told CyberScoop. The group, whose strategic council includes the former director of the CIA General David Petraeus and former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, will be launching an “Ideas Competition” and a summit in the coming year Read the announcement here.

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